Mrbitex establishment time, The first goal of the team was to develop a secure and up-to-date platform to protect the assets of customers. In this regard, the elites of cyber security as well as the elites of the country's blockchain and the world were used that we have developed a multi-layered cold platform and several stages of control as well as our own dedicated defense, and we are constantly upgrading our security shield and adding more security. For more clarity, the following explanations will be provided to you, dear users:

1. Platform security

  • - All information between your computer or smartphone will be encrypted with Mrbitex servers with SSL protocol, which eliminates the possibility of data theft.
  • - All data is protected on dedicated Mrbitex servers with multi-layer hardware and software firewalls. This system is updated regularly.
  • - From the moment of registration in Mrbitex, all your information will be stored in the form of highly advanced encryption, that in case of unauthorized access to the server, users' information will not be visible.
  • - Users of Mrbitex will be notified of any important activities such as withdrawing, depositing and registering an order to log in by sending an email.
  • - Important operations such as deposit and withdrawal, etc. have 2FA security confirmation.
  • - Due to the multi-layered security system of Mrbitex and dedicated defense shield, in case of attack on Mrbitex servers and successful penetration to Mrbitex servers, the users' assets, account information, trading records, orders and etc., are in complete security. And no theft of property or information can happen.
  • - All information, even with full details, is being backed up regularly and automatically.
  • - Mrbitex Monitoring Unit has a dedicated cyber and financial security monitoring platform to counter or eliminate their effect in case of any incident.

2. Asset security:

  • User's assets in Mrbitex are protected in several hardware, software and management layers and stored cooled. Mrbitex has its own hot and cold servers with its own way and its own dedicated defense shield system, which adapts the input and output of assets to eliminate the violations that may occur.
  • - Mrbitex proprietary defense shield automatically detects and deactivate all attacks, including infiltration, injection of information, fake users networking and money laundering, and misuse of user information, etc.
  • - Mrbitex has its own full node server in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency (Mrbitex itself is one of the nodes confirmers of the block chain network transitions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies). This means that your wallets are not being blocked or any other malicious activity. Your wallet addresses in Mrbitex will be created and keyed by Bitcoin full node servers and other Mrbitex cryptocurrencies, which provides complete and professional security for users' assets.
  • - Each user has a dedicated bitcoin wallet or other cryptocurrencies that are fixed as long as the user account is active. These wallets are made of Bitcoin in the Segwit type, which has a higher speed in sending and receiving and a lower fee.